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First of all, someone having your IP address does not make them more or less able to attack you, since it’s going to be the IP address of your external router. At worst, they will be able to attack your router, and then only if your ISP isn’t send How to disguise my ip address? Solutions | Experts Exchange But they can't hide your IP. A NAT box is the only thing that can hide your ip, and even then, you can be traced back if the admin is mapping and logging things correctly (which almost certainly your ISP will be doing). Third party sites like anonymizer can hide your IP by effectively using their own. But there's still a … How do you hide your IP address? | HowStuffWorks The reason you might want to hide your IP address is if you want to stay anonymous on the Internet, so that sites you visit won't be able to trace you.Law enforcement officers or detectives who don't want their IP address left in the log of the Websites they visit in the course of their work are examples of people who need to cover their tracks as they gather sensitive information. ILPT: disguise your mail friend as a femaile and people

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