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video by the maker of charlie the unicorn. a cloak can talk and move. he is trying to stop communism with his floating head, robert. it opens with robert juggling tacos and the cloak on the phone in an office. the cloak is asked to find a lizard who has joined a cult. then robert kills his cat in a microwave. they both go to get a board game for the night. the cloak hates the stuf at toybarn Urban Dictionary: cloak and dagger (adj.) Secretive, hidden on pain of death from all who don't need to know about it. This is a cloak and dagger operation. If I told you about it, I am obliged to kill you, and make it look like suicide. by Gumba … Urban Dictionary: Cloaking The act of establishing communication with another individual via the internet, dating, app, or other online service, and arranging a date at an agreed upon destination just to have one party not show leaving the other in confusion after they try to re-establish communication and find out the person has erased all record of conversation and online existence leaving the cloaked victim in disappointment and disgust. Urban Dictionary: cloak closet What old farts call a coat closet. Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see.

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cloak noun (HIDE) [ S or U ] something that hides, covers, or keeps something else secret: The restaurant he owned was just a cloak for (= hid) his drug-dealing activities.