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How to configure networking with Netplan on Ubuntu Jun 03, 2019 Networking: Ubuntu Server Network-manager unrecognized service Jul 15, 2016 CentOS / RHEL 5,6 : how to disable NetworkManager – The NetworkManager is a dynamic network control and configuration system that attempts to keep network devices and connections up and active when they are available. NetworkManager consists of a core daemon, a GNOME Notification Area applet that provides network status information, and graphical configuration tools that can create, edit and remove connections and interfaces. How to restart service - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

Sep 21, 2017

How To Start, Stop, Restart Networking On Linux? – POFTUT I have changed my network configuration and want to restart to make changes effective. Or there are some problems with my network and I think restarting it will solve my problems. Here we will look how to restart networking service in various network distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora,CentOS. Troubleshoot - Azure IoT Edge | Microsoft Docs Restart the IoT Edge security manager. If issue is still persisting, you can try restarting the IoT Edge security manager. On Linux: sudo systemctl restart iotedge On Windows: Stop-Service iotedge -NoWait sleep 5 Start-Service iotedge Check container logs for issues

Aug 07, 2017

sudo service restart But when I try to run: sudo service ssh restart on Raspbian, it hangs indefinitely. Does Raspbian have some non-standard way of interfacing with services? Edit: Running sudo top -c shows that the process /sbin/init owned by root is consuming 100% CPU. If I kill this, this the service commands return immediately, but How to Reset TCP/IP in Windows, Linux, and macOS | TechWiser Jan 07, 2019 Restart network services in Ubuntu 14.04 - superMaru