There Could Be More To The PIA Pilot Scandal Than Meets

Pia | definition of pia by Medical dictionary pi·a mat·er (pī'ă mā'tĕr, pē'ă mah'tĕr), [TA] A delicate vasculated fibrous membrane firmly adherent to the glial capsule of the brain (pia mater cranialis [TA]) and spinal cord (pia mater spinalis [TA] or membrana limitans gliae); following exactly the outer markings of the cerebrum and also the ependymal lining circumference of the choroid CNIL releases a free software for PIA – a tool to help Conducting a PIA is a highly recommended good practice, and even mandatory in some cases, as it helps organisations build data processing privacy-friendly and be compliant with the GDPR. CNIL now publishes a free PIA software to assist the controllers going through this process. ×

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