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Jun 24, 2015 You forgot your Mac's password. Here's how to get back FileVault is an optional MacOS feature that encrypts your Mac's hard drive and all of the data stored on it. You can turn it on during initial setup, or in System Preferences at a later time. Guide for Apple IT: Managing FileVault Recovery Keys In Mac OS X Lion (10.7), Apple released FileVault 2. This was a redesigned and more robust encryption tool that improved on a number of capabilities present in Legacy FileVault. For instance, while Legacy FileVault could only encrypt a user’s home folder data, FileVault 2 seamlessly encrypts the entire startup disk – while users are working Filevault Decryption stuck - blocking upgrades Mac OSX

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In the past, setting up both FileVault encrypted macOS/OS X and BitLocker encrypted Windows on a Mac with Boot Camp required manually configuring the disk partitions in a specific way to work around limitations in the MBR (Master Boot Record) partition scheme. Managing macOS Catalina’s FileVault 2 with fdesetup | Der Oct 17, 2019 Apple's FileVault 2 encryption program: A cheat sheet

Clean 500MB of Junk for Free Launch System Preferences, then click Security & Privacy and then on the FileVault tab. Click on the lock icon to unlock it and then enter an administrator name and password. Click on the “Turn On FileVault” button.

Jul 24, 2020