This answer is not useful. Show activity on this post. I use Windows 10, and in my event viewer under Applications and Services Logs/Microsoft/Windows/NetworkProfile/Operational I find the event IDs 10000 for connected to a network and 10001 for disconnected from a network. share.

Offline Files Stay Disconnected Over Wi-Fi. miqrogroove. 2016-03-15T14:15:29+00:00. Ever since my move to a new apartment, I was frustrated by some of my network files going offline randomly and staying offline for 5 minutes or up to an hour or two. The weirdest part was that it would only happen to the network files that were in a path with Event Viewer – Network Encyclopedia Event Viewer on Remote Computers. You can use the Event Viewer or the wevtutil command at a command prompt to manage event logs on a remote computer. To use Event Viewer to manage event logs on a remote computer. Start Event Viewer. Click the root node, for example Event Viewer (Local), in … Diagnose Windows Problems Using the Event Viewer - YouTube

There is a EventId 4004 "Network State Change Event" that fires whenever a network connection is made or re-identified. There are less straightforward events in the NCSI log. The EventId 4042 Capability change tells you that this network discovery tool woke up and tried to figure out if you were on a real internet connection, on a domain

May 16, 2014 Windows event log query for domain joined network

308427 How to view and manage event logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP Check whether the network adapter is on the Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). Check other computers that use the same default gateway that are plugged into the same hub or switch.

If I click on the network icon then I can see all wireless networks. If I choose my Wireless routre I am able to connect to it. But I don't want to use wireless. I want to use wired network. There was the first sign on few occasion I have seen. I will remove both network controller and when restart hope it … [SOLVED] How to audit someone removing a network share Jun 30, 2017 Fix Windows 10 WiFi Intermittent Disconnects Problem » WebNots Jun 15, 2020 Tracking down who removed files | Event Log Explorer blog